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  • Cold SHIPPED for Maximum Potency, Certified- 10g (Dose: 200 mg) Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)

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  • Natural Vaginal pH and Odor Control Regimen; No Parabens

    Your vagina has a finely balanced microbial ecosystem different from anyone else and our vaginal probiotic suppository helps to enhance that microbial ecosystem. When you need personalized relief fast or simply want to be proactive about nourishing the flora within your vagina, trust Biom probiotic® and prebiotic treatment. The unique combination of probiotics, prebiotics, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid effectively rejuvenates and moisturizes the vaginal and vulvar tissue while also reducing bacteria and preventing feminine odor. And when things get out of balance, it can lead to dryness, itching, burning, and general discomfort that no woman wants to experience. Our trusted vaginal suppository is the best probiotics for vaginal infection. This all-in-one vaginal probiotic suppository is naturally vegan and can also be used as a natural personal lubricant, vaginal infection prevention, or to help maintain clear skin. But no matter how you use it, you will know that it’s helping to balance your pH and leave you feeling fresh and confident all day long. Using this vaginal probiotic suppository is incredibly easy. Simply clean your hands well and then make sure the suppository is firm (if not, just run some cold water over it). Peel and open the wings, and then insert it to a comfortable position in your vagina. Like with any female reproductive health product, see a doctor if you have any questions about using the suppository and stop use if you have abnormal bleeding, itching, or discomfort.
  • Are you struggling with vaginal odor, redness, discomfort, or itchiness? Hormonal changes, menstruation, and sex can all impact vaginal health by disrupting the pH balance. This unique suppository combines probiotics and boric acid to help rebalance your vaginal health.

    Our boric acid vaginal suppository is the solution to helping your body regain it’s balance. Boric Acid is a mild element that is antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral in nature. It is a vital element in the treatment of vaginal issues. In fact gynecologists have been using boric acid for treating vaginal infections for more than a hundred years now. At times oral antibiotics and antifungal medicines fail to provide complete resolution. However boric acid vaginal suppositories are effective in restoring vaginal health. Order our boric acid suppositories vaginal control formula today to enjoy relief from itching and burning and feel fresh and confident through the day.

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  • In need of a vaginal pH test to evaluate your intimate pH levels and microflora health? Biom Probiotics has created an easy, reliable Vaginal pH Test, which allows you to quickly monitor your pH range. It’s easy to use and offers accurate and rapid results. We recommend using it once every two weeks.  Healthy, balanced vaginal microflora help maintain vaginal health, and protect against pathogenic infections, skin irritations and offensive odors. Monitoring vaginal pH with our Vaginal pH Test is an easy way to quickly assess your vaginal microflora health. Your pH range is a good indicator of your vaginal health and whether you may have a bacterial or yeast infection.
  • Biom’s high-strength microbiome supplement works especially well for those with demanding gastro-intestinal tract issues. Equipped with advanced probiotics and Biom’s 3-in-1 TriBiom technology, every capsule is comprised of a prebiotic, probiotic, and an immunobiotic.Each of which offers distinct advantages for the digestive tract.


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