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Biom Probiotics is a minority-owned small business founded by Dr. Bobban Subhadra and Vijitha Viv. The mission is to assure healthy life and longevity for all by balancing a healthy microbiome that functionally optimizes body functions such as immunity, cognition and longevity. Biom Probiotics has developed products for gut health to brain functions to feminine hygiene. The company has also secured five U.S. patents and trademarks on microbiome-based technologies. Read more

Secures Key Patents | Humanized Gut Commensal Microbiota | Gene Pool –Human Microbiome

Sarasota, FL August 10, 2018

Biom Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced a keylandmarkin theirtechnology platform to develop drug and consumer care products that utilize modulating human microbiome. Human gut flora and its associated gene pool –human microbiome- is a powerful new organ that modulates all aspects of human physiology, health and longevity. Read more