Secures Key Patents | Humanized Gut Commensal Microbiota | Gene Pool –Human Microbiome

Sarasota, FL August 10, 2018

Biom Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced a keylandmarkin theirtechnology platform to develop drug and consumer care products that utilize modulating human microbiome. Human gut flora and its associated gene pool –human microbiome- is a powerful new organ that modulates all aspects of human physiology, health and longevity. Read more

Biom Turmeric Bar | Biom Probiotics Sarasota | Brain health | Gene Pool –Human Microbiome

Biom Pharmaceuticals Corporation Launches Biom Turmeric Bar, a Brain health Food Using its Prebiotic and Nanoemulsion Technology

Sarasota, FL    July 10, 2018

Biom Pharmaceuticals Corporation today announced that it launched its first gut and brain health food- Biom Turmeric bar. The products iscollaborative project between Biom Pharmaceutical in Sarasota, FL and Lubdub Food Ltd, Dublin Ireland. Read more