Biom Longevity & Anti-aging supplements (LongivaTM)

    • Supports healthy aging and longevity.
    • Supports and improves brain health.
    • Helps reverse age-related mitochondrial dysfunction
    • Helps with telomere health and neuromuscular function

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    Biom’s synergistic combination of NMN and pterostilbene is a powerful combination to increase NAD+ levels and to activate anti-aging sirtuin genes. Highly bioavailable Nanoliposomal NMN in suppository gets into systemic circulation for the sustained increase of NAD+ for an extended period. Increased NAD+ levels help with mitochondrial regeneration, cellular repair, better muscle functioning, better brain functions, and proper sleep patterns.
  • Promotes healthy aging nanotized NMN facilitates high bioabsorption.

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  • Cold SHIPPED for Maximum Potency, Certified- 10g (Dose: 200 mg) Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+)

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