Keeping your weight in check is an essential part of being healthy. People have tried all types of fad diets, juice cleanses, exercise techniques, and fasting to lose weight. Some of them fail to work flat out. Some of them work for a while, and then you go back to square one. Does that sound like you? Here’s a promising new hope – Precision Probiotics. Probiotics are not new. Most cultures have been consuming some or the other form of fermented food for centuries. But, the studies around the health benefits of consuming selected probiotics are relatively new.

So, what is Precision Probiotics?

Very simply, probiotics are live bacteria and yeast that are beneficial for your health. Yeah, bugs can be good too. Our body is teeming with trillions of these microscopic beings, on the skin and inside our guts. This is called the microbiome. Most of them are beneficial and exist in peace with us. The trouble happens when the harmful bacteria outnumber the good ones and cause diseases or imbalances in the body. Precision probiotics are designed to enhance the functions of the human microbiome and comprise of specific probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers that work together for making metabolites for beneficial body functions (1).

How do precision probiotics help with weight loss?

Gut health is important for a healthy weight. To lose weight in a natural and healthy way, your gut should be functioning at its best. Recent studies have shown that dysbiosis in your gut flora and leaky gut causes unintended weight gain (1). The good bacteria in your gut’s ecosystem helps with better digestion and boosts your immunity (that’s right, immunity). By consuming probiotics, you are letting the good bugs colonize your gut and push out the bad guys.
Daily consuming probiotics helps to maintain weight, even when you have stopped dieting.
Akkermansia muciniphila and Bifidobacterium are two strains of bacteria that have proved beneficial for weight loss strengthening the gut barrier and preventing ‘leaky gut’
Probiotics generally work at four levels to reduce weight –

  • Aids in metabolism and fat burning. Some probiotics reduce fat absorption by the body by blocking it and flushing it out from the body.
  • Promote a longer feeling of fullness by making the gut send satiety signals to the brain.
  • Aids to stabilize your gut microbiome by colonizing the gut with good bacteria and reduce the harmful bacteria population.
  • Better sleep, immune and brain functions. Insufficient sleep has been linked to obesity.

How to take probiotics?

Fermented foods and off the shelf products have natural or added probiotics. Some of them are yogurt, tempeh, kombucha, kimchi, cheese, and pickles.
You must also condition your gut with prebiotics, to let the good bugs flourish. Prebiotics are the natural fibres in your food that probiotic bacteria need to feed on and thrive.
One thing about prebiotics and probiotics is that they are not a one-time affair; they get flushed out. You need to consume them daily to continuously replace them.
If you can’t find enough from your diet, supplements can help to bridge this gap.

How can Shape probiotic capsules from BIOM help you?

The Shape is a research-backed patented product for personalized nutrition. It is designed to be a precision probiotic formula proven for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Unlike most weight-loss products, these capsules are 100% vegan, and free from stimulants and binders. These capsules are based on three weight-loss technologies:

LeanBiom Prebiotics: A patented prebiotic mixture that promotes a healthy gut environment by nourishing good flora and reducing obesity-related flora. The specific fibers nourish healthy gut flora strains such as Akkermansia muciniphila and Bifidobacterium in your gut microbiome

SlimGUT Technology: A mix of natural fibres that promotes satiety and reduces food cravings.

Patented Biomsify Probiotics: Patented culture technology designed to stabilize gut flora and promote immune and brain functions. The specific fibers nourish healthy gut flora strains such as Akkermansia muciniphila and Bifidobacterium in your gut microbiome

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