With 200mg of pure NMN per serving, our Biom NMN Sublingual Powder can be easily mixed with water or milk — or sprinkled in yogurt. Our NMN formula helps boost cellular NAD+ levels that assists with mitochondrial regeneration and cellular repair, and optimizes muscle and brain function. It can also help you get a better night’s sleep and making sure you are energized for the day ahead.

It all starts with NMN, the cellular precursor of NAD+, a form of vitamin B that helps power your metabolism and construct new cellular components. Our product, Biom NMN Sublingual Powder, assists with mitochondrial regeneration. Helping you resist free radical and other DNA damage that can cause premature aging and degeneration. 

A growing body of science tells us that cellular NAD+ is the key to good health, and as we age our levels of NAD+ rapidly decline. This leads to a greater risk of neuromuscular degeneration as well as a decrease in cardio-metabolic health. Instead, boost your NAD+ with Biom NMN Sublingual Powder. This product allows you to reverse the effects of NAD+ depletion. 

To use, simply place 200mg under the tongue and allow it to completely dissolve and absorb into the bloodstream. From improving energy to detoxing and preventing oxidative damage, Biom NMN Sublingual Powder protects the brain cells and improves cognition. It also enhances insulin sensitivity and stress resistance. 

Tested for high quality and purity, our Biom NMN Sublingual Powder is free of dairy, egg, soy, gluten, wheat and other allergens, and it contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Made in the USA in a cGMP facility, Biom NMN Sublingual Powder will be delivered to you in cold packs to preserve and ensure potency. Our products have been proven to retain 90-95 percent potency while other products may degrade quickly during shipping.