As one of the most important antioxidants produced in the body, glutathione offers many health advantages.

It strengthens:

  • Cognitive ability
  • Metabolic capacity
  • Oxygenation
  • Detoxification
  • and the central nervous system

It offers a SOLID BOOST to the immune function, offering protection from infections.

Glutathione also facilitates natural skin brightening.

As people age, their bodies’ capacity to produce this highly valuable element diminishes. Thanks to its natural ability to increase immune support, glutathione is a great supplement for the elderly or anyone interested in decreasing the aging process.

In addition, glutathione is a bioactive tri-peptide. That means this rectal probiotic suppository offers 40-50% more bioavailability through rectal vasculature, as opposed to many oral glutathione supplements the benefits of which cannot be realized due to liver metabolism and digestive enzymes. 

So it not only offers a way for the glutathione to enter the system fast but also with more effective results.

Its sustained release helps maintain peak blood glutathione levels for as long as 5 hours, which further allows the body to absorb it more efficiently.

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