One study found the antibiotics-diarrhea connection impacts between 5% and 39% of patients, depending on which antibiotic they take. But research shows that probiotic use can curb digestion problems. 

In fact, taking probiotics during the entire course of antibiotics is an effective way to reduce side effects like antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). They work as a treatment and also preventively. That’s because probiotics replenish the beneficial bacteria in the gut to prevent disruption to the microbiome’s balance. A meta-analysis of 34 other studies found that probiotics reduce instances of AAD by 52%. 

And the use of probiotics can make antibiotics more effective. One study showed that among 6,000 people with H. pylori infections, supplementing antibiotic therapy with probiotics increased the eradication rate by about 10%, an effect that is supported by more recent research.

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