If you are experiencing gut issues and it’s affecting your every day life with chronic pain, gas, bloating, weight gain, irregular movements and fatigue then start making changes today and start feeling the difference a few changes can make. That which has been done can be undone with a few simple lifestyle changes.

Reduce Stress
Sometimes easier said then done but maintaining a zen lifestyle will keep cortisol levels down and inflammation at bay. Find ways to relax with Yoga, exercise, music or other calming activities you enjoy.

Get your ZZZ’s

Good quality sleep is so important to overall health. Getting 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is valuable for giving your body the time to RESTORE, RECOUP and RECOVER. This is also help with mood and focus.

Drink plenty of Water
Cannot stress enough the importance of staying hydrated. This is the number one step to a healthy gut to help protect the mucosal lining of the intestine and help all of your vital organs run at their best promoting optimal health.

Avoid Processed Foods

Avoid foods with processed sugar, refined starches, and fried foods. They feed bad bacteria in your microbiome and lessen overall biodiversity in your gut. Organic vegetables, healthy fat and protein, and high-fiber food can help repopulate the gut with healthy bacteria.


Take a Prebiotics and Probiotics
High-quality prebiotics and probiotics are ESSENTIAL for both repopulating your gut with healthy bacteria to fight pathogenic bacteria.

Your gut microbiome works as a ‘metabolic organ,’ promoting digestion, energy metabolism, immunity, bone metabolism, even sleep patterns and proper brain function. Our 3-in-1 probiotics made with patented Biomsify microbiome technology has superior probiotics and prebiotics to diversify, stabilize, and balance your good gut flora.