Are you suffering from
Vaginal Dryness?
Is Bad Odour troubling you?
Are Vaginal Infections
making your life miserable?
Is menopause dryness keeping
you from enjoying your life?

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Redefining Feminine Health

New studies are increasingly proving the connection between imbalanced vaginal flora to common urogenital problems and infections like Bacterial Vaginosis. VagiBiom Vaginal Suppository is a research-backed product that addresses imbalanced vaginal flora. The patented advanced formula combines vaginal probiotics, prebiotics, and lactic acid to balance the vaginal flora. The All-Natural Vegan Product is recommended by primary care physicians, gynecologists, pharmacists, & women’s health clinics.

What does Biom Vaginal Suppositories do?

  • Nourishes healthy flora within the vagina

  • Protects against pathogenic infections
  • Reduces irritation caused by friction and chemicals
  • Protects against offensive odours

  • Relief from dryness, itching and discomfort

  • Relief from menopausal dryness

  • Rejuvenates vaginal and vulval tissue

  • Helps you feel fresh, clean, and confident to take on the world.

Natural 5

Vaginal Probiotic Suppository

Natural Vaginal pH and Odor Control Regimen; No Parabens


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Fragrance-Free 15

Vaginal Probiotic Suppository

Balance vaginal microflora & pH and helps with common urogenital problems.


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10 Suppositories

Boric Acid + Proiotics + Prebiotics

Balancing vaginal microflora & helps with yeast infections & odor


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10 Billion Flora

Feminine Support Probiotics

Clinically Proven to Help Gut, Immune, Feminine Health.


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