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LeanBiom Weight Maintenance Formula




Maintaining a healthy weight and BMI is key to an active life and longevity! Gut microbiome and its metabolites play a major role in energy metabolism and body- mass index. It is easier to lose weight through several regimens but the challenge is to balance your gut flora to keep healthy weight maintenance for a longer. The synergistic blend of patented Biomsify probiotics and prebiotics shift the balance of gut microbiome for healthy weight maintenance by reducing the inflammatory gut flora and “leaky gut”. LeanBiom™ polyphenolics fiber nurture lean-promoting flora and increases satiation.


  • Body-Mass-Index (BMI) and produces healthy longevity modulating metabolites.*
  • Biomsify® probiotics diversifies & stabilizes healthy gut flora & prevent leaky gut*
  • SlimGUT (TM) nanocellulose technology aids in satiation while organic pea protein nourishes healthy plant fiber metabolizing gut flora.*


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