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TriBIOM is a 3 in 1 precision formula consisting of Probiotics, Prebiotics and Immunobiotics. The patented Biomsify formula combines microbiome diversifying prebiotic complex and multi-strain probiotics, and clinically proven immunobiotics to balance, diversify, and nourishes your good gut flora such as Bifidobacterium, Akkermansia, and Blautia. A diversified and balanced gut flora and microbiome ensures a healthy life and longevity. Our product is cold shipped to guarantee potency, quality, and purity.

What does Biom Probiotics® 3-in-1 Formula do?

  • Supports a healthy Immune system

  • Improves digestion
  • Improves mood and optimal brain functions
  • Diversifies and strengthens good gut flora

  • Improves skin health
  • Improves urogenital health

  • Helps with proper weight maintenance
  • Improves bone health

Biom Probiotics 3-in-1 Formula 25 Billion | Best supplements for gut health

Biom Probiotics 3-in-1 precision Formula

Diversifies Gut Microflora and Microbiome – For Men & Women

$39.95 – $59.95

Our Customers Love Us

I have had stomach issues and my doctor suggested I take probiotics to overcome those issues. I have been taking the Biom probiotics 3-in-1 tribiom for more than a month now and they are working wonders for me. I am so happy with the product and would definitely recommend this to others.

I switched from another brand to this one, and have noticed immediate results! Definitely worth the buy. You can tell the company cares about their product, being that they ship it seals in Styrofoam and ice, for product protection. I will continue to refill this one.
I am impressed with this product. I was reluctant to buy this as it’s a new product, but has decided to try it. Prompt shipping with cool pack. It really helps me with my tummy issues. I am happy with my purchase and will buy again.
Mary Ann