A science-backed, all-natural product that boosts your body’s own ability to shed weight (and keep it off!) and achieve a healthy BMI?

BIOM SHAPE Weight-Loss Probiotics is the companion you need to make the road to health just a little bit easier. Combining three patented, revolutionary technologies—Biomsify (nourishes your gut’s “good” flora), SlimGUT (maintains a feeling of “fullness”) and LeanBIOM (stimulates your gut’s lean-promoting, vibrant flora)—SHAPE Weight-Loss Probiotics works hand-in-hand to expedite—naturally—your health and weight-loss goals.

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How does it work?

  • SlimGUT’s gently expanding natural fibers “gel” and delay gastric emptying to maintain longer periods of “fullness” and stave off food cravings.

  • LeanBIOM powerful prebiotics stimulate lean-promoting gut flora to help achieve a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI).

  • Biomsify® probiotics diversify, balance and stabilize the microbiome for optimal gut health. During the process, secondary metabolites like Butyric acid are generated that reduce inflammation.


Reduces weight and body fat by balancing gut flora
Helps to maintain a healthy weight with moderate physical activity (e.g. 10-min brisk walking)
Helps to burn visceral fat and reduce waist circumference
Diversify and nourish healthy gut flora and microbiome

How can BIOM’s SHAPE Weight-Loss Probiotics help you reach your weight goals and ideal BMI?

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Biom Healthy Weight-Loss Probiotics


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  • Balances & diversifies gut flora to optimize digestion
  • Improves metabolism to eliminate fat and lose weight
  • Enhances visceral (aka “belly”) fat burn to trim waistline
  • Creates prolonged feeling of satisfaction and “fullness” to control food urges
  • Achieves long-term weight-loss and optimal BMI when coupled with moderate exercise (i.e. a brisk, 10-minute daily walk)
  • Improves sleep to augment immunity, brain function and general well-being